Youth Groups for February

Pathfinders is for students in Grades 2-3. The group meets once a month. Leaders are Linda Hansen and Brenda Tousignant.

If your child wants to participate, contact Brenda (203 232-1525 or or Linda ( or 860 283-9359).

Trailblazers is for students in Grades 4-6. Trailblazers leaders are Rachel Ewers and Christie Grabherr. If you have questions, need to register your student or want to help out, contact Rachel Ewers ( or 203 907-7052). Sessions are 4-6 p.m.

2/2 4:00 Regular Trailblazers
2/9 4:00 Regular Trailblazers
2/16 4:00 Regular Trailblazers
2/23 4:00 Regular Trailblazers

D/C (Discipleship/Confirmation) is our youth ministry for grades 7-8, a two year journey of exploring who God is and what God means in our life. All junior high students are welcome to attend. The leaders are Jessica Bedosky and Pastor Tim Olsen. We meet 4-6:00 p.m.

2/2 5:30 SuperBowl Party at Jessica Bedosky’s
2/7-9 Winterblast retreat at Pilgrim Pines
2/16 4:00 16 – Saul, Disobedient King
2/23 4:00 17 – David, Shepherd King

CHYG (Covenant High Youth Group) is for all students in grades 9-12. Leaders are Lisa Olsen and Nick Samela. Sessions are 4-6 p.m.

2/2 4:00 Regular CHYG
2/9 4:00 Regular CHYG
2/16 4:00 Regular CHYG
2/23 4:00 Regular CHYG

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