Technology Matching Grant from the East Coast Conference

Our conference is offering up to $500 to help churches with upgrading their technology for recording and live-streaming worship services. Some of our members have given us seed money ($1,000) to go ahead and purchase what we would need to get started. As you know, we currently are recording only the audio portion of our services. You can find each service on our church website,

The East Coast Conference put together a list of basic inexpensive equipment for churches to select from. We purchased a few pieces of equipment and we will be practicing with it, experimenting, and praying for all to come together. We have sent our receipts, totaling just over $1000, to the conference office and we should receive back 50% of the cost, up to $500. God is good!

Pastor Tim has been researching, experimenting, and fretting a bit () in the midst of this change, but he is hopeful and is learning a lot. A technician he is not, though! If you have any experience with technology, camcorders, filming, recording, editing, and posting, please let us know. Also, if you feel compelled to donate any funds to cover the additional $500 expense, or for future upgrade to our system, please do so. Thank you!

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