Summer Sermon Series: The Seven Churches of Revelation

7/12 Introduction: The Seven Churches of Revelation
“Reflecting the Light of Christ”
7/19 Pastor Gary Freimuth: Psalm 139
7/26 Pastor Liz Whitney
8/2 The Church of Ephesus: Loveless (2:1-7)
8/9 The Church of Smyrna: Suffering (2:8-11)
8/16 Lisa Olsen: The Church of Pergamum:
Compromising, (2:12-17)
8/23 The Church of Thyatira: Adulterous (2:18-29)
8/30 Pastor Ann Carr: The Church of Sardis: Dead, (3:1-6)
9/6 The Church of Philadelphia: Faithful (3:7-13)
9/13 The Church of Laodicea: Lukewarm (3:14-22)

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