Senior High Youth Group (CHYG)

CHYG is on pandemic hiatus. . . but group texts, social media and graduation parties at the youth’s house or a restaurant are attended and celebrated by all of us.

We are excited to welcome the new freshman (see the last paragraph for all the other grades) in September. We will follow the rules that are in place for school/church when we begin. Depending on when Trailblazers and DC work out to meet, we will meet at the same time, either 4:00-6:00 pm or 5:00-7:00 pm on Sunday nights.

We will be careful with our baked goods as we gather and with our group games. We will sit with distance between us as we study scripture. Speaking of God’s word, in Sunday School we will be going through the book of Genesis on Sunday mornings in the youth room for grades 7-12.

Shout out to Emily Jackson, Patrick Chesanek, and Tyler Bond as they graduated from Thomaston High School. We have a great year ahead with seniors Kiersten Sundell, Breanna Roaix, Maegan Desmarais, Abby Blasko, Keegan Daigle, Noah McCoy and Rachel Foell. More seniors are welcome! Welcome back to the Juniors and Sophomores.

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