November Message from Pastor Tim – On the Move for Him

I am amazed at how fast we can receive products at our homes; just click a few buttons and make a purchase. Several years ago I needed to buy an extension ladder. The main reason was to reach and clean out my high gutters every November! I didn’t want to ask someone to borrow their truck or rent a van. I remembered, Amazon Prime delivers for free! I ordered one and 2 days later a 24 foot, heavy extension ladder was delivered in an old box truck, by an older gentleman. He placed it alongside my driveway!

Amazon got even smarter and launched Amazon Live this past year, taking on Quality Value Convenience Retail, with their own version of live-stream video for shopping. QVC, Inc. is the parent firm to the two largest home shopping networks, QVC and HSN. They brought in $14.1 billion in revenue in 2018. That is impressive but, if any company can compete and provide services for people right in their homes, it is Amazon. How can we get something like that on God’s agenda?

What if there was a Prayer Home Network? People are always in need of answers to heart-felt prayers, spoken ones or unspoken. People of all ages cry out for help from the core of their being, some asking God directly; others hoping for a miracle. Are there any resources out there they can tap into? Are there any distribution centers to meet all the needs? How can people connect with a network and receive help? Well, God is all-knowing; he loves all his children. He is all about a Prayer Home Network. In fact, God is everywhere present. Jeremiah 33:3 says, “Call to me and I will answer you. . . .” His challenge to us is to help with distribution; his visible presence is someone with skin on. All followers of Christ have, as part of their spiritual DNA, a call to go, to serve, to love, to bless, to pray for anyone who is in need. No contracts are needed; just an open schedule, a willing spirit, and a boldness to minister to people God directs us to.

Consider God’s Prayer Home Network open for ministry. Calls are coming in hourly from people close by who are in need and ready to receive. Their prayers, lament, grief and crisis are exactly what God wants to answer. So, follower of Christ, become a distributer of God’s grace and mercy. God has called you. Let the Lord, by his Spirit, work through you today!
On the move for him, Pastor Tim

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