May Message from Pastor Tim – Resurrection is About Coming Alive!

I feel like it has been a mad dash to get to May. Holy Week into Easter had enough energy output alone. Family obligations, ministerial commitments, church life and more also made for a hectic pace. Easter came and went; how about for you? Have you returned to some form of a “regular” routine? Did you miss out on embracing the Resurrection of Jesus Christ?

Following the Resurrection of Jesus Peter said, “I am going fishing!” The disciples returned home. They went back to fishing. They moved from the empty tomb to their boats, from the house in Jerusalem to the familiar waters of the Sea of Galilee. They returned to the same boats, the same nets, the same water, the same work. That’s when and where Jesus “showed himself.” Read the full story in John 21: 1-19.

Michael Marsh says,
Resurrection does not happen apart from the routines of life but in them. Resurrection is not about escaping life but about becoming alive.

God is always present to us! The Holy Spirit desires to fill us completely and to serve his purpose for us. Every day we have the opportunity to thrive at home, work, school, church and in all the seemingly mundane things we participate in. Do you want to come alive today and every day? Consider how and where the Lord can meet you right in the midst of your daily routine.

In John 21, Peter fished all night in the dark and came up empty. He had nothing to show for his third shift detail. Jesus even noticed saying, “You have no fish, do you?” One key point in this story may be that Jesus showed up exactly when the nets were empty; when they were at their end. At daybreak – first light – Jesus appears; God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are fully present.

Who hasn’t experienced that darkness and emptiness? You know what that’s like. You fish, you work, you serve, you do your best but you still come up empty. It feels more like death than new life. In those times we have come to the limits of our own self-reliance. We have nothing to show for our efforts and nothing left to give. We are empty.

Nets cannot be filled unless they are first emptied. In the same way we can never be filled with the Holy Spirit until we are first emptied of ourselves, until we come to recognize the limits of our own self-sufficiency. The emptiness is not the end or a failure but a beginning. The miracle begins when there are no fish. Jesus shows up when the nets are empty.

So, what are your empty nets today? Relationships, a family crisis, work, health, finances, community involvement, serving the Lord? Don’t abandon your nets. They are the very places Jesus is showing himself to you. They will be places of resurrection – nets filled with fish. Many will believe because you have allowed God’s Spirit to meet you and fill you in your daily routine!

Let’s come alive together, Pastor Tim

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