July Message From Pastor Tim: “Let your heart be glad”

Tyler Johnson, Covenant pastor from Urbandale, Iowa, wrote this:

We live in a world that continually preaches messages of scarcity and lack, of danger and worry. How desperately we need to be reminded that our God is enough. In him there is no lack. In him there is nothing to fear. Our God is good and is abundantly able to care for us in every way.

Amen! Read Psalm 16 below. Verse 2 says, You are my Lord and I have no good apart from you. But, what about golf, a mouth-watering barbeque or salad, a thrilling book, movie or a treasure hunt with my grand- daughters? That’s covered, I believe, because all good gifts come from God!

What about this shut-down and our limitations to stop the spread of Covid19? Nothing will be able to separate us from God, from his love for us, his presence and the full access we have to him, because of Jesus. This is why Jesus invites us daily saying, “Come to me.” Have you come to Jesus; have you received good counsel from the Lord; has he instructed you even while you sleep (v. 7)? Have you experienced a fullness of joy (v. 11)? If not, then you haven’t asked God. Ask and you will receive. Christ is enough. The world needs to know this and to see it in your life and mine. No better time than now!

So, rejoice. Let it go deep into your soul. Let your heart be glad. Rest; find security in this truth today, and have peace. Christ is enough!
In Him, Pastor Tim

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